We're going to need your files! There are many ways to send us your artwork and content, below you can find a brief guide as well as an upload link to our secure Dropbox folder.


On each of our product pages you'll find the relevant spec sheet to help you design your artwork. All of our spec sheets are sized accurately so if you're using software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator you just need to place our PDF onto one layer and then design your artwork on the layer above.

If you need our help please get in touch. We have a dedicated artwork team that are happy to advise and help wherever possible. If you get it right it makes their job much easier! You can call during normal office hours on 01494 536646 or send an e-mail to info@alpha-duplication.com and we'll respond as soon as possible.

If your artwork has already been designed using someone else's template or spec sheet don't worry. Send it over to us to check, there's every chance we'll be able to use it.

Remember, for best results when printing your files should be 300dpi and CMYK. Once ready we can accept most standard file types but usually we work with Press Quality PDF files. Again, if you have something else we're happy to take a look.

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Physical Master Discs
You can send us a physical master if preferred. Please be sure to put a note in the package stating who sent it and the title of the CD/DVD - you be amazed at how many discs we're sent without this information! Please use a card mailer or padded envelope and post your master(s) to:

Alpha Duplication Ltd
Unit 2 Halifax Road
Cressex Business Park
High Wycombe
HP12 3SD

Audio CDs
If you'd rather upload your master then we can accept a DDP/DDPi image or individual .wav .mp3 or .aiff files. Your audio files should be 44.1KHz 16bit Stereo. 

If you send us individual files we'll compile a disc master for you based on the information you supply. So please number your tracks in the correct order. Generally we don't add a 2 second gap between tracks unless you request this.

If you have ISRC codes and CD Text that need to be added please submit these in a text or spreadsheet file.

Once compiled we'll send you a PQ sheet to check before we proceed. On request we can send you a DDP and our DDP player so that you can double check the final CD before we begin production.

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Data CDs
For data CDs you can send us an .iso image file of the disc. There are many other disc image file formats available and we can probably use them too. If you need help making an .iso file please get in touch.

In some cases you can just send us the files and we can compile the data master for you. Again, just ask.

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For DVDs we can also accept .iso files, a DDP image or you can send us the VIDEO_TS folder (and contents) from your disc. 

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Other ways to send your files

In addition to the above there are many file transfer applications available. We recommend wetransfer for it's simplicity or if you prefer we can give you access to our ftp site. Please get in touch.